Revel Academy

After-School Enrichment Programming

We are currently accepting children for our fall after-school enrichment programs. The following courses take place Monday through Friday, from 4:00pm until 5:30pm beginning the week of September 10th and ending the week of December 17th, 2018.


art - $225 for 14 weeks

Over the course of the session, children will learn various art forms and the history behind them!

  • The first 4 weeks will be spent learning the art form of Temari, a Japanese traditional embroidery craft has a core made of different materials and an exterior with embroidered designs. Temari literally means "handball". It originated in China as a football (soccer ball). This craft has evolved throughout the centuries from a beautiful game equipment for Japanese nobles to a charm that symbolizes luck and blessing for a new beginning, to a decoration.
  • After that, we will take 3 weeks to focus on Calligraphy. After learning about the origins, we will then try our hand at Roman cursive, Versals, and Modern cursive.
  • In November we will turn our focus to printmaking utilizing various materials and in December our students will pick the art form to explore.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

destination imagination

Team members MUST participate on both Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • On Tuesdays, we will focus on team-building, Instant Challenges, and mini-workshops to build our skill repertoire
  • Thursdays will be spent working towards a solution for the challenge

Destination Imagination requires innovation, creativity, persistence, collaboration, and hard work to complete. Teams choose a challenge out of the options given and then work all year towards a solution which they then present at a regional tournament.  For more information on this year's challenges:


Coding, robotics, TinkerCAD & 3D printing - $200 for 14 weeks

$200 for the 14-week course

  • We will be using the CS First curriculum in order to increase our knowledge of coding ( through various modules including music videos, storytelling, art, and sports.
  • Between CS modules we will work with micro:bits, robotics, TinkerCAD, and 3D printers


free exploration - $150 for 13 weeks

At the end of the week our learners take the afternoon to explore their personal interests be it chess, coding, or creating in the Maker Space!