Revel Academy

After-School Enrichment Programming

We are currently accepting children for our spring after-school enrichment programs. The following courses take place Monday  through Friday, from 4:00pm until 5:30pm beginning the week of April 16th and ending the week of June 25th. 


robotics and coding            WITH KIDS CODE JEUNESSE

Over the course of the session, children build an interactive project using Scratch and use code to program robots. The course will build over the term and students will have the opportunity to help direct the direction of the class. 


aviation fundamentals        with john hayman

Students will learn about the fundamentals of aviation through hands-on workshops on the properties of air and water, wind tunnel experiments, rockets, navigation, forces, weather monitoring instruments and flight simulations. They will also gain exposure to the properties of magnetism and electricity.


Ukulele with Joel jacques

Join us in learning how to play the ukulele! Joel makes class fun with his positive attitude and great song choice.


ceramics and illustrations with maria Moldovan

Maria will help students learn the basics of ceramics before diving into the world of illustration!